Team 9

Names Karen Avril, Tracy Duarte, Ben Squire
Grade Levels 6
Subject Areas Math,Language Arts, Science

Project Description :
Create an interdisciplinary unit around our essential question "Who am I?"

Language Arts- Core Text: The Same Stuff as Stars - K. Patterson author study Read text and interpret symbolism of stars to represent the main character and her place in the universe.

Math -graphing the constellations and creation of bar graphs representing temperature of each star.

Science- Types and location of stars

After building prior knowledge of types and locations of stars, students would create their own star,constellation to represent themselves and their current "place in the world".
Students would author a reflection piece to explain how their constellation represents them.

Digital Tools:
I Pad App. -Research stars and constellations to locate and evaluate .
E pals Global- blog with students across the world about the constellations they are viewing in the sky.
Wiki Space - blog reponse to literature and post projects


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