Team 1

Names: Ken Beltram, Dean Serino, Deb Grady, Jenn Farabaugh
Grade Levels: 7-12
Subject Areas: History

Project Description (links, pictures, embedded videos, lesson plan, etc)

Essential Question: How does technology transform society?


USI.28 Explain the emergence and impact of the textile industry in New England and
in the 1840s and 1850s industrial growth generally throughout antebellum America. (H, E)
A. the technological improvements and inventions that contributed to industrial growth
D. the roles of women in New England textile factories

Students will be able to:

Analyze and apply various multi-modal sources in regards to the Industrial Revolution


Preview Activity:

Students will begin thinking about technology's impact on their lives.

via wiki discussion board, students will answer the following questions. Also, they will comment on 2 other students' posts.
What is the most important technological advancement in your lifetime?
Why is this advancement important to you?
How has it changed life/society?

1. Students will watch an Animoto video produced by the teacher. The video features images of the living and working conditions of the workers during the Industrial Revolution. On a goole doc, students will write their first impressions of the Industrial Revolution.

2. Students will watch a video on the Industrial Revolution and add at least two new impressions of the Industrial Revolution to their google doc.

3. Students will use Xtranormal to have an online discussion between a mill worker and an mill owner. Students will follow the teacher's example video.
  • discussion topics may include
  • Working conditions/safety
  • Wages
  • Benefits
  • Living conditions
  • Typical day in mill worker's life
  • Family members discussing technological advancements in their lives.

Students will use images and resources provided by the teacher to help them write the script for the conversation

Harriet Robinson and;idno=atla0048 ( Lucy Larcom -narrative)


Ivideo documentary/song
  • Creating a video demonstrating how various aspects of life were affected by the Industrial Revolution
    • Home Life
    • Economics
    • Work
    • School
    • Transportation

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This is Dean Serino's lesson

Research working and living conditions during the industrial revolution and make a short music video including at least 3 facts of the information in the video. Then upload to youtube.

This is Jenn Farabaugh's lesson plan

"Using the ipad to create an "In Plain English" video

Objectives: Students will analyze how imperialism afeected either India, China, or Japan
Students will integrate the use of the ipad and youtube into their presentations.


1. Students will preview examples "In Plain English" videos on youtube as models for their own presentations.
2. Students will be placed in groups and assigned a country to research (India, China, or Japan) to research the effects that imperialism had on that nation.
3. After researching in the computer lab, students will begin creating their own "In Plain English" videos. They will be required to draw pictures and have a minimum of 10 scenes in their video.
4. Aftr organizing their presentation, students will film their videos on either their own iphone or the class ipad. If the iphone is used, they will save their video on a laptop and upload it onto the teacher's youtube site for the class. If it is filmed on the ipad, the connection an go directly to the laptop and be shown on the smartboard.

Each group will be required to film a video that contains at least 10 scenes that explain how their country was impacted by imperialism. In addition, each group member must write a page long summary of their presentations that is different from the group script.
Title: 5 points Analysis of information: 15 points
Thesis: 15 points Script: 15 points
Scenes: 5 points each Page Summary: 20 points