Follow-up Discussion Forums

Please click on the link for your Group to respond to the discussion forums for the follow-up sessions. Below are the lists for the Groups if you do not remember your number from the summer Institute. Please complete your post for the 3rd discussion before the final follow-up session on December 20th at Microsoft in Cambridge. Remember to make 1 original post and 2 responses to members of your group.
Type your response in the Reply box at the bottom of the discussion forum and click post to submit.

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Christopher Banos
Melissa Ahern
Alex Benedict
Nancy Cook
Janet Bianchine
Amy Durgin
Cara Cradall
Erin Bordeau
Amy Souls
Jennifer Farabaugh
Kaitlin Carter
Ann Ziergiebel
Melissa Farmer
Mark Crehan
Bruce Girouard
Clarke Fowler
Wendy Crofts
Cate Case
Marybeth Gallant
Tracy Duarte
Deb Lyons
Deborah Grady
Mary Fahey-Colbert
Glenn Burns
Jen Groskin
Sarah Gates
Justin Kratz
Michele McCarthy
Keri Green
Karen Avril
Erin Mucci
James Kelleher
Kenneth Beltram
Beth Niece
Tammy Knoff
Laura Hickey
Kathleen O'Reilly
William Lyon
Lesile Skantz-Hodgson
Robin Pratt
Tamimi Paadre
Lianne Lajoie
Heidi Quinn
Robin Pine
Lynne Cote
Benjamin Squire
Judy Ranahan
Rhonda Dion
Teresa Tober
Ellen Rintell
Ryan Lynch
Sharri Tyas
Tyna Senecal
Scott Nagel
Kelly Valeri
Dean Serino
Sheila Commisso
Sherry Walker
Kirstin Sokol
Susan Abrams
Rebecca Zimmerman
Robyn Suojanen
Tiffani O'Connor

Tom Szekely

To view the 3rd discussion prompt for your group, please click on your Group # below.
Group 1 Discussion 3
Group 2 Discussion 3
Group 3 Discussion 3

Follow-up Session Links for Discussion 2
Group 1 Discussion 2
Group 2 Discussion 2
Group 3 Discussion 2

Follow-up Session Links for Discussion 1
Group 1 Discussion 1
Group 2 Discussion 1
Group 3 Discussion 1