Bee Clip is similar to Glogster in that you can add video, images, and text to create an interactive poster or collage. The three big differences are: Bee Clip can be worked on by multiple authors, multiple pages can be produced (as a scrapbook), and those pages can be downloaded. Additionally it includes a bookmarklet called the BeeClipper that allows you to clip images as you browse the web. You want to register for the Bee Clip Education version.


Step 1 - Create a class
Classes help you organise your students. From your dashboard, click the add class button and a new class is instantly created. You can edit the title, description, and also add a class image.
Step 2 - Add your students
There are two ways to do this. Either click the add student button on the class page and then enter the student's details. Or, give your students the green self-registration code on the class page and they can register themselves.
Step 3 - Create a project
On the class page, click the add project button and you'll be taken to your newly created project. You can edit the title, description, and also add a project image.
Why not enable embedding so the scrapbooks can be added to the school blog when they're finished? Click Project settings on the project page, change the embedding option to Yes, and save the changes.
Step 4 - Add a template scrapbook
Let's give our students a scrapbook template that they can copy. Go to the recently created project and click add scrapbook to add a scrapbook for your students to view and copy.
Step 5 - That's it!
The project is set up and ready to go. Ask your students to log in to Beeclip EDU and they'll see the project on their dashboard. When they've completed their scrapbook they can mark it as ready for your review.

Embellish scrapbooks with Extras
To help you bring your scrapbooks to life we've put together an incredible collection of backgrounds, borders, and stickers - we call these Extras. You'll find the Extras tab in the dock area of your scrapbook.
Share scrapbooks with embedding
If you want to add your scrapbooks to the school blog, website, or even a social network, embedding is just the feature for you. Simply enable embedding on the project (in project settings) and then you can embed any of the project scrapbooks.
Gather images as you surf with the Beeclipper
With the Beeclipper it's really easy to clip images from the web as you surf. Simply add the Beeclipper to your browser, open it when you find an image on the web, click the image and it'll be added to your clips, ready to use in your scrapbook.
Work as a team with scrapbook collaboration
As you know, working in teams is a great way to enhance student creativity. Beeclip EDU offers student collaboration on scrapbooks. Click the Editors button on any scrapbook and you can add editors from the same class. Caution: scrapbooking together is a lot of fun.
Inspire students with template scrapbooks
Giving students a starting point or template scrapbook is a great way to inspire them. If you add a scrapbook to a project, your students can then make a copy and use it as their own. Copying a scrapbook is a single click from your dashboard.
Stay in control of your projects
We know that every project is different which is why you can customise each project individually. On a project-by-project basis you can enable or disable Google Images, Youtube, Flickr, Embedding, and Commenting. Beeclip EDU keeps you in control.

Mo WIllems Author Study When you download the pages of your book, any video will no longer be linked.
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Beeclip - Mo Willems Author Study_sjoKGmmskWx_3802.png
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